Steven Jacob Barer, KPA-CTP


Co-Owner in Barer Pet Behavior and Dog Training Steve graduated the Karen Pryer Academy For Dog Trainers and is a Certified Training Partner .This is a quite exclusive certification  which involved extensive   education. Steve lives dogs, not only is he the Trainer for the Dog Program at the Washington State Penitentiary and volunteer at the Blue Mountain Humane Society he stays up to date on all of the newest dog information.

He likes to proclaim he is a "Dog Geek"  He has been professionally training for five years.

  • Canine and feline behavior modification.
  • Positive reinforcement training.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing
  • Loose leash walking
  • Desensitization and CounterConditioning

(....) I have never met anyone with more passion or enthusiasm for dogs and cats and their well-being. The vets at the clinic  come to her daily for advice and info on behavior questions (...)

Linda James- Walla Walla, Washington



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We have worked with hundreds of dogs and cats including ones from the Veterinary office that are fearful and need special low stress handling. We also do  home visits helping pets with all kinds of behavior problems. Every thing from Aggression, pulling on walks, recall, inappropriate elimination and fear .      

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We have an Anatolian Shepherd that had pulling issues on leash. Dawn fitted her with a gentle leader and the results are fantastic. We are confident that we can control our 100 pound dog on leash. Thank you.

Monte and Ona Underwood - Walla Walla Washington

...In addition to the tools the Barers taught us, they also provided us with additional helpful resources that have aided in our training. At the end of their consult the Barer's made sure we were confident in our new training and made sure to let us know to contact them with any further questions or concerns.

Wally is well on his way to being a happy socialized dog. He can now go on walks and see new people and dogs and just keep on walking. When we have company over, Wally quickly relaxes and is happy to meet his new friends . We highly recommend

Barer Pet Behavior and Dog Training. They gave us the tools to training our dog in a healthy positive way. We think Wally is pretty special too.

Sarah Foster and Family - Walla Walla Washington

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Dawn has been a register veterinary technician for nineteen years. She is certified in Low Stress Handling, AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation and in Canine Massage. She is a behavior wellness technician and well studied in both canine and feline behavior. She has professionally worked as a behavior consultant at Animal Clinic Of Walla Walla and  Barer Pet  Behavior for eight years. And is the trainer for the kitten program at the Washington State Penitentiary.  All kittens are harness trained and can walk on leash!